Balinese culture class : Yoga

Classes provided by Balinese people who can speak english

You will enjoy the practice and teachings of our master Yogi during your stay.

Live intensely these moments of connection between nature and your body.

Listening to your personal choice  we offer several formulas.

For a first contact with Yoga

Individual class (2 people maximum)


1½ hours of Yoga (Ginger tea included)

200,000 IDR per person (According to exchange dollars / Indonesian roupias, about 15 $)


3 sessions of one hour and half (Ginger tea included)

(Valid 1 month after reservation fee)

585,000 IDR per person (According to exchange dollars / Indonesian roupias, about 45 $)

  • Hourly rates are decreasing in relation to the selected packages .
  • All courses are payable on booking the yoga class you choose. 
  • Packages are based in the names of the participants. 
  • Appointments are taken to your initiative.


  • An appointment not honored , will be deducted from the package, unless we are notified of cancellation at minimum the day before the course .
  • Packages are not refundable , not transferable , not extensible.


More intensive package are available on the sports activities page.